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I went from Sober Curious to Alcohol Free! ​

Cari, a seasoned educator with over two decades in the teaching arena and a mother of 2. Her transformative journey unfolded as she transitioned into coaching, specifically guiding numerous women in professional settings over the past eight years. Recognizing the pivotal role of self-reflection and self-compassion, Cari addresses the struggles of busy working women and mothers battling anxiety-induced reliance on nightly glasses of wine. Having overcome her own challenges, Cari has been alcohol-free since February 2022, passionately dedicating her career to empowering women to lead fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol as a crutch. Her unique approach fosters curiosity and equips women with the tools to break free from the cycle of guilt and shame associated with drinking, encouraging them to create lives they don't need to numb out from. 


Statement of Integrity

At Sober Curious Life Coaching, I prioritize a lifestyle centered on wellness and personal growth. I personally have a commitment to maintaining an alcohol-free existence, preferring and embracing the joys of alcohol-free living.

I believe in inclusivity and do not discriminate in my practices based on personal choices regarding alcohol consumption. I do not require abstinence from alcohol from any business partner or business supplier I work with, nor friends or family.

My ethos promotes respect for individual choices and a supportive environment, both within my business and for the people I serve.

As Featured On...

I am frequently asked to guest on podcasts and talks about the Sober Curious lifestyle. See below for some of my most recent appearances. 

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