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It's not your fault.

If you are becoming increasingly concerned about your drinking, you are not alone. Alcohol is addictive, and our brains have been trained by years of manipulative marketing tactics and decades of social acceptance, which makes alcohol addiction even more insidious. But you can be completely free if you wish, or you can learn a step by step process to reduce anxiety without the alcohol. My free guide will help you get to a good place. 

The benefits of giving up alcohol

The benefits of controlling alcohol are huge, and many will be felt almost immediately. But here are a few of the big ones you can look forward to:

Windswept Hair

Better Skin, Hair and Teeth

Taking a break from alcohol is better than any beauty cream you can buy! Your skin will look clearer, and less dehydration means wrinkles are less pronounced. Your hair looks so much better, even your eyelashes and nails grow longer. Looking good!


Better Sleep

One of my favourite benefits is the wonderful sleep you will experience. Sleep is poor quality when you drink, and you can often wake up exhausted. As your body heals itself you sleep improves massively, and you wake up refreshed and excited for the day.

Listening to Music

Lower Anxiety & Stress

Alcohol increases cortisol which increases anxiety. And then we drink more to lower the anxiety created by the drinks we drank before! It is not unusual for people to find anxiety dissipates to almost nothing once they have given up the wine. 

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About Cari

TNMI Certified Coach

Cari is a Mom herself, and has been passionately dedicating her career to empowering women to lead fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol as a crutch for many years. 

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