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Hey Friend! Are you a working woman who struggles with anxiety, and find yourself grabbing a glass or two of wine to help you unwind at night? If you resonate with this, I understand where you’re coming from! We wear so many different hats in a day! I was in a race to make it to the end of my day, and reward myself with a glass or three of wine! I found myself in the same challenges. The anxiety, guilt, and shame had me wrapped up in a cycle of drinking wine every single night! What I have found is alcohol increased my anxiety and fed me lies I was believing about myself! I help women get curious with the role in which alcohol is playing in their life guilt free shame free and will power free. ​Let's get curious together!!  

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Reducing Anxiety & Cultivating Peace


At Sober Curious Life Coaching, I believe that everyone can achieve an alcohol free lifestyle. As your personal coach, I understand that the road to an alcohol free life can be difficult and overwhelming, which is why I'm here to support you every step of the way. My coaching services are designed to help you build the confidence, strength, and resilience you need to overcome any obstacle on your journey towards living a fulfilling and happy life without alcohol. Let's work together to make your goals a reality.

I signed up with a Sober Curious Life Coach (of course Cari Wolters is my amazing coach), and through her support, I started my journey! I changed my work schedule to avoid the witching hour and to give myself a day off mid-week for personal growth time. I got a therapist. I caught up on a lot of Dr. appointments. I started organizing my finances better. I made time for a morning practice. I also made the plunge to sign up for yoga teacher training!!  Most importantly, I began to trust myself which has greatly improved my self-confidence! 

J.F. Clearwater

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